A Guide to Lapland and Northern Norway in Summer – Paperback


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In summer, Europe’s Arctic north transforms into a vibrant green land of expansive forests, rushing rivers, and glassy lakes. The dogsleds and snowmobiles are traded for kayaks and mountain bikes as everyone heads outdoors to enjoy the warmth and never-ending sunlight.

This book, a followup to the Guide to Lapland and Northern Norway in Winter, will guide you through your own trip around the Arctic regions of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. From sharing what it’s really like to sit under the midnight sun (spoiler: it really does make you feel more energetic!) to hints on where you might spot a wild bear (safely!), it will provide you will all the crucial information you need to know to have the best trip possible.

You still have plenty of time to plan a trip for the summer of 2017, so kickstart your trip with this guide today!

To learn more about this book series and the region, head over to www.lapland.travel.

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