A Guide to Lapland and Northern Norway in Winter – Paperback


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For six months each year, Europe’s Arctic north is a true winter wonderland. The landscape, covered in a thick layer of snow and dotted with frosted pine trees, just begs for you to jump on a dogsled to explore the wilderness. At night, that landscape lights up in green as the northern lights dance above.

This guide beautifully illustrates what it’s like to travel through the northern reaches of Norway, Sweden, and Finland as well as providing all the crucial information you need to know to have the trip of a lifetime.

Be warned though—reading it will inspire you to jump on the next plane heading north!

New in the second edition: updated prices and dates for 2016 as well as a brand-new chapter about the foods of the region. From what reindeer tastes like to what in the world a cloudberry is, you’ll learn all about the menus of Lapland and what you should try.

To learn more about this book series and the region, head over to www.lapland.travel.

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