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Kristin Repsher is a landscape and travel photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. The travel bug bit her early; having an English expat mother and travelling flora photographers for grandparents will do that to you! She has been lucky enough to live in stunning locations such as Queensland, Australia, but in recent years developed a fascination with the far north that landed her in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Kristin has always been inspired by the epic landscapes of the world and loves being able to share her unique view of these locations, whether it’s sunrise, sunset, or the Milky Way is shining high in the sky. Many of these photos are internationally award-winning, with images displayed in exhibitions in 26 countries. She has also worked with a number of travel companies, including Expedia and Vanguard, in capturing these images, and her work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic and Australian Traveller.

In between photo shoots, she can often be found hiking in the backcountry (the photo to the left is of her snowshoeing near Chester Lake in Alberta's Kananaskis Country) or seeking out other activities that help her see more of the outdoors...even if she spends more time staring at the ground than at the landscapes around her (see: snowboarding). When she isn't travelling, she enjoys web development, anything to do with tennis -- even though her backhand isn't quite what it used to be -- and a good glass of port.

Recent Work

Kristin's portfolio is constantly being updated with works from her recent travels. Below are some of the projects she has been involved in recently; if you would like to see her full collection of works, please head over to her portfolio.


It was standing underneath the stars on a calm night in Milford Sound that made Kristin realise that she wanted to take photography more seriously. It was a magical moment that she didn't have the skills to capture at the time, and she still hopes that she'll be able to go back there one day and capture a similar moment. A return to where it all started, as it were.

Now that she has the skills and the years of experience under her belt, Kristin teaches photography workshops to help others capture those memorable moments, rather than letting them slip by. She tutors at local workshops in Calgary and the Canadian Rockies as well as on international expeditions to incredible destinations such as New Zealand. Local workshop topics range from night photography to timelapse photography, and everything in between!

Wherever you want your photography to take you, it is Kristin's goal to help get you there.

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Kristin provides high-quality imagery for travel/tourism organisations, magazines, and any other companies that are in need of attention-grabbing landscape, travel, or nature photography. Her images can help you to showcase your brand or destination in the best possible light, whether that be in print, on your website, or on social media.

Services include:

  • Destination images shot on location to your specific brief
  • Timelapse videos shot on location
  • Social media promotion of destinations and products on Kristin Repsher Photography channels
  • Social media takeovers
  • Blog content to complement photography
  • Licensing of existing photos and videos

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